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4037 days ago

a Hopefully temporary fork of JAWStats. to add the following features:

* Summary of multiple sites in one page (With links to individual configurations).
* Mail statistics support.
* Infrastructure for more log types.
* Replace the flash swf graphics with flot javascript graphics (currently only in one page).
* new tabs : MaxMind City, Organization, Visitor.
* Customize descriptions of Visitors.
* More enhancements.

Our hope is to someday integrate those pathces back to JAWStats
4035 days ago
Hi Asaf,

A demo would be nice.

4028 days ago
MAWStats is JAWStats. It looks the same. If you have seen the JAWStats demo, you know what MAWStats looks like.
4020 days ago
Nice work, I like the visitors tab. How difficult would it be to make the city and organization tabs optional in the configuration? I'm on a shared host that uses the GeoIPFree plugin and doesn't have these stats in the data, so they are not available for display.

Not a big deal, but just curious if these could be optional.
4020 days ago
the Gui is fully customizable,
have a look at the ui/ subdir.
BTW, the version in svn is almost
completly swf free
(flash replaced with jquery.flot)
this opens up the road to interactivity
(think of various drill downs)
packages will follow in few days.
and hopefully a demo
4019 days ago
Hi Guys,

Im trying to add this addon, but i'm missing 1 file : clsPage.php ?? Is it missing ?? Can't find it in the packages of Mawstats & Jawstats ?
4019 days ago
I guess you are trying mawtotals with jawstats,
which will not work currently,
for now its only possible to use
mawtotals along with mawstats.
4018 days ago
Just found the xml file in the UI folder like you suggested and removed the tabs. Is there a way to get the alternate row colors in the tables, like in JAWStats?
4016 days ago
in which tab ?
I can see alternating raws
in the first 2 tabs, for example
4014 days ago
Right now, I only see them in the 'Searches' tab and the rest don't have the alternating row color style. I'll try to re-install from scratch and see if that fixes it.
4012 days ago
please look at the demo :
or (mail demo)

,as far as I can see, the rows are alternating,
this is the current version (0.7), released
today (16/Jul/2009, try to download it.
4010 days ago
Getting the same results on the demo as well, so at least I know it's not my install. Here's an example of the Countries page for each:

The alternating colors on the JAWStats demo:

The same page on your demo (no alternating colors):

Looks the same in all the browsers I've tried as well (IE8, FF3.5, Opera 9, Chrome 2, Safari 4). Like I said, not a huge deal by any means, and it's probably just a quick change in the CSS.
4009 days ago
Thanks for that, its has been fix in the svn,
and in the demo.
Packages will follow in few days.
you can just grab the svn files :


which contains the fix
4008 days ago
for the Alternating rows fix,
take those files from tags/0.71
and not from the trunk
4008 days ago
Looks good and the demo is sharp, thanks!

There are two other very minor things you may want to look at for updating at some point. In the second link I provided from your demo, the legend box under any of the pie charts is shifted up, overlaying the chart. This is happening on all the pages that contain the pie charts.

The second one is a standing issue with the current release of JAWStats as well where the logo graphic in the upper left corner is partially hidden if the browser window is not wide enough to accommodate all the tabs and the graphic.

In any case, great work by both you and Jon on the original code and the your (temporary) fork of the development.
4008 days ago
thanks Glen, I have released 0.71 which includes
the alternating-color fix.

1. the thing with the legend box it on purpose -
I thought it looked nice.
2. This one I'm still trying to figure out what
to do with, plus i think we have too much tabs.

thanks for your comments
4007 days ago
The overlay of the legend (with the translucent background) over the chart is a cool effect, I agree. It's just not typical of a standard chart layout, so it threw me off.

Can the position of the legend be changed or configured easily?
4006 days ago
I haven't put configuration option for it,
but this can be changed easily in the
javescript source :

js/jawstats.js , function : DrawPie()
legend : {
position: "sw",
margin: [10,-25],
backgroundOpacity: 0.5..
you can change the parameters there.
4006 days ago
Perfect, thanks!

There were two final things I noticed, and I'm sorry to keep adding things to your list like this but these should be the last ones. :~)

First, none of charts appear to work in an IE on your demo page. They work in the .70 version I have installed, but your latest code on the demo site doesn't render charts in IE for some reason. I've tested in IE7, IE8, and IE8 in compatibility mode. All the other modern browsers appear to work correctly with the new code, so it's probably just an IE support issue (what else is new).

Second, on the visitors page there is a 'Networks' link that doesn't appear to do anything. Is this not yet implemented?

Thanks again!
4006 days ago
Since I don't like IE*, i differed its testing,
I've checked now and found some things that needs
adaption, but now I've got flot graphs even in
normal mode under ie8!.

anyway, I'm not sure if to make version 0.72 for this now,
or release those fixes with the emerging 0.8 version
(dated for next week)., no one uses that dumb browser anyway..

about the 'Networks', its still not implemented,
please, keep the comments coming.
4002 days ago
MAWStats team (me) is proud to announce the 0.72 bugfix release, which addresses the IE problems and works even
without compatibility mode.
the Demo has been upgraded to this version
3997 days ago
Looking good with the new updates, great work! And you did say to keep the comments coming, so here goes... :~)

A couple of small layout issue with the 'Calendar' views and the bar graph below the calendar grid.

1) The scale on the left side is positioned over the first bar. Was this intentional?

2) On the 'Calendar of Visitors' and 'Calendar of Bandwidth Usage' pages, the day names over (or in) the bars are sometimes positioned on the top line of the bar.

Another small issue with the 'Referrers' page: If there is only one referrer, the pie chart does not draw. This might be true of all the pie charts, but the referrers page is the only one I've seen with only one row of data on the default view.

Finally a general layout issue for the data grids: If the data can't wrap within the grid and it forces it to be wider than expected, the right side overlaps the outer frame.

A suggestion for the pie charts: Instead of having a legend below the chart, why not just add a column to the data grid with a color block? That way, the data itself could become the legend for the pie chart. Just a thought. :~)

A suggestion for unique visitors: Could there be an option to remove the spider / bot visits from the unique visitor count?

And finally, a request for last visit date on the 'Visitors' page.

That's it for now, but again, great job on this project!

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