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4077 days ago
Hi I've not installed jawstats before but there is a specific request from my customer and it's a good 'un I even tried to add &day=1" to the url and it doesn't work nor get passed through.

Basically under the [pages] I was wondering if someone could help me because we often introduce adwords advertisment based customer journeys (ie. campaignintro.htm -> campaignintro2.htm -> campaignintro3.html (somegenericbasket.htm) alongside advertintro.htm -> advertintro2.htm -> advertintro3.html (somegenericbasket.htm)) for comparison of performace on a daily basis. and being able to see the relative performance of these customer journies day by day would help us quickly decide that "advert version 2" is working the best .. etc etc in fact it's an excellent way to breed good website design and we can't (at the moment) do it unless we daily record the page views.

now i've got the option to do a php customer tracker verison but they thing isn't that I can't but that i'd like a finance director to see everything in one place - it makes me look not awesome if I can't get jawstats to include this small change (basically) and if I do I make a branch in the code theoreticlly prohibiting updates

any ideas? or does this need to be a development branch of my own
4077 days ago
the more I think about it facilitating the &day=1 feature in the top url wuold be awesome. Then it would work great I could have a calendar popup box html frame around jawstats and effectively bypass the top month nav

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