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4105 days ago

I just realized that the "average" grey line across the monthly overview bar chart doesn't provide too much information unless the month is complete. For example if I'm only on the second day of the month and I've got 30 visits per day, that gives me an average of (30+30)/2 = 30, while JAWStats will draw the line at (30+30)/30 = 2. I probably do much better than 2 visits a day, so comparing any day against that number provides no information. If it were calculated the other way, I can compare hoy my current day's 27 visits compare to the average of the month so far (30).

Hope that made sense. What do you guys think about it?


4105 days ago
And by "hoy" I really mean "how" ;)
Nathan Davis
4031 days ago
Yeah, it seems that all the bar graph averages are calculated with the same division error (with the addition of the visitors 'average of n per day' message, at the top). It needs an end date (today), so as not to count the days of the month that don't yet exist, and also a starting date, so the first month also works.

As a related feature request, I'd love the option to change the top average visitors notice to a 30-day running average. Might this be possible, or will that wreak all kinds of log-parsing havoc?

Anyway, the broken averages are really the only niggling thing that bothers me about this otherwise magnificent project. Keep up the top work, Jon!

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