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4139 days ago

I just installed the last version of jawstats, and it seems that the "statsname" isn't taken in count. I keep having the following message :

The data file being looked for is awstats20093.XXX.txt in folder /stats/XXX/data/

Even if my statsname line looks like that :

"statsname" => "awstats[MM][YYYY].XXX.txt",

Am I missing something ?

4139 days ago
"awstats20093.XXX.txt" looks like you should be using "awstats[M][YYYY].XXX.txt" to me.

Note the month number without a leading zero.
4139 days ago

I am having the same problem. I looked around in the code and wanted to know why I was seeing this error. The problem is that your error message is saying its looking for a different file name than its really looking for. For example, if I change the "statsname" to this:

"statsname" => "some other name",

Your error message is still the same. You have the date hard coded in the html output like this:

"The file being looked for is: awstats" . date("Yn") . "." . $GLOBALS["g_sConfig"] . ".txt" .

Which is causes the error. The date("Yn") is returning the date in YYYY format and the month in M format, so this month we are getting 20093. You should be loading the name in the format specified in the config.php "statsname"
4138 days ago
I'll need to look into this further but whilst I don't doubt that the error message may well be wrong, the files it is looking for is correct - otherwise my tests wouldn't have worked and numerous other users wouldn't be able to use JAWStats which they can do since I introduced this feature.

In short, I'll fix the message displayed on screen, but is JAWStats finding your data correctly?
4137 days ago
The same problem.

Is the specified AWStats log file directory correct? Does it have a trailing slash?
Le problème peut provenir de la variable "statspath" dans votre fichier config.php

Le fichier de données recherché est dans /var/www/vhosts/

Normally all configuration is done well.
4137 days ago
PS : And I couldn't find the variable 'statsname' in index.php.
Is it normal ? My version - is the last one, just downloaded.
4137 days ago
For me, my files are called awstats032009.XXX.txt , that's why i used the [MM][YYYY] parameter.

Feo : it seems you can just add the parameter in your config file.
4136 days ago
RJL: You're right about the error message, it is misleading. However, as far as I can see the code still works as it should.

Is it working for you yet?

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