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4291 days ago
I've been looking at jawstats instead of the default awstats pages, but hit a bit of a snag.

Some of our larger sites wont display the "All Months" statistics, it starts loading and then just stops.

This affects sites with so far theres no problems with sites of 1.000.000 views per month or less - but our larger sites (between 50.000.000 and 700.000.000+ hits/month) all just stop loading (rotating loading icon) after a few seconds.

The machine isn't the fastest out there, and is scheduled for an upgrade within the next month or so, though it doesn't look like a timeout or memory allocation problem (php process doesn't seem to grow large, nor is any errors displayed on webpage/error log.

I havn't had any of our devs look over the code yet, but that is also an option :-).
4291 days ago
Thanks for this, Klintrup.

Very strange that the loading icons stops so quickly - I would have thought that a timeout would be liekly here but from what you've said this doesn't sound like the case. Stranger still that no errors are showing in the logs.

One problem I've had from day one is not having access to an really big web logs, e.g. sites with many thousands of hits per day. Is it possible I can access your JAWStats install so I can investigate what it happening further? I understand of course this probably is not possible for privacy issues, but if I could please let me know the URL that would be great. Feel free to email me on jon -- at --

Do you by any chance use firebug? Maybe that could give you an indication of the error?

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.
4291 days ago
Out of interest, how many months of data are we talking about?
4291 days ago
I'll make the stupid suggestion (because I'm sure you have..) but did you review your php.ini?


Also, I'm going to assume this in an internal system, how about trying something like:


Assuming this is a Linux system strace is always and option (and not nearly as difficult to use as it might seem).

If it's not doing what you expect, something, somewhere should give you an indication why.

And there's always the lazy/sometimes lucky fix: upgrade upgrade upgrade! :)

Could be a system bug. When you say the machine is scheduled for a upgrade I start to imagine vanilla debs/rpms of out dated software.

Steal, beg, borrow a new release of php, or roll/make/compile it yourself.

Just a few thoughts for *possible* quick fixes before you break down and comb code!
Joren Six
4114 days ago
Changing this in php.ini resolved this problem for me:

max_execution_time = 300
max_input_time = 600
memory_limit = 128M

The default maximum amount of memory a script may consume is 16MB. Changing this to 128MB together with greater timeouts solved the problem for me.

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