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4168 days ago
I have JAWStats set up great on one domain under a reseller. From this one location it can successfully pull stats from all other domains under that reseller (and thus on the same host). However, it won't pull stats from other domains on different hosts- we have one site on a different hosting vendor and I get statspath errors.

Is there any solution for this issue, or is cross-system aggregation outside the scope of this product? If so, I can set up a cronjob to go out and pull in those remote log files, but it'd be great if JAWStats could handle it instead.
4144 days ago
Funnily enough, I have the same challenge myself so I feel your pain.

The problem is, as much as I'd love to fix it within JAWStats, the complexity to do so is prohibitive. "cron" assumes you are using *nix whereas many users are on Windows etc. Does it FTP the files? SFTP? SCP? etc. Many people would want to use it along side logrotate, too.

It would be a *great* feature to have but I think it is sadly way beyond scope.
4131 days ago

I have logs from 3 servers and need 6 config files in AWStats all working together.

what i have done in made a simple linux script that pull's the (yesterday log) from the 3 servers and process the log with every day at 4am (with cron).
4131 days ago
correction, is 7 config files...

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