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4300 days ago
Please give me your weird and wonderful feature requests here.

I'll start: Make a Tag Cloud for keywords.
4298 days ago
I've mentioned it and it's probably on a todo list already. :)

-databasebreak=day support.

For those that aren't familiar with this awstats feature: The by day report creates additional awstats report files. While traditionally awstats creates data files like:


and generates very nice monthly data it can do more! By using the -databasebreak=day parameter you can generate reports by day, see traffic, dips, spikes as they are happening. Databasebreak=day will add files like:


to your awstats data directory.

So if you suddenly spike or you like to watch things you can see total impressions by hour in as close to realtime as you run the reports (this lends itself VERY nicely to the UPDATE feature which moots the frequency issue entirely!).

The one caveat with using databasebreak by day is that (as far as I know) if you want month reports for general overview (and who wouldn't?) you'll still want to runs regular awstats updates (with no databasebreak setting, or default).

At my work for instance, we run databasebreak=day updates every 30 minutes and regular awstats updates every hour (we like our reports I guess).

And yes, that was probably a much longer explanation then anyone needed! :-)

It's Monday!
4298 days ago
Hi Zach, yes this is on the to-do list but it might take a little while yet unfortauntely. To be honest, I've not used the databasebreak feature before, but you've sold it well here so I'll be sure to look before long.

Thanks again, keep those suggestions coming please. :)
4298 days ago
Ya. And I'm sure your busy, which is why I only mention it. :)

When I first read about the databasebreak myself I was floored. I really like that kind of detail and (at least at the time) databasebreak was almost totally unmentioned in the AWStats documentation. Even now it appears to be more of a footnote in the FAQ.
4291 days ago
I have one request, but aside from not being pressing it's probably not necessary anyway. :-)

A high-level overview of the application.

I'd like to look at doing some modifications and even try to contribute any that might be useful (my coding is sketchy at best; being and ops guy bash is still an acceptable way of life).

Anyway, if for some reason you find yourself bored or whatnot it wouldn't need to be really detailed, just an overview of the layout and where the functions are called from. Not matter how detailed you made it I'd still have to do a lot of reading myself since I'm what you could consider a (beginning) student of PHP and totally uninitiated in the dark art of javascript. :-)
4290 days ago
This is a really good point, zmg, and I'm glad you asked it.

I do feel uncomfortable that I haven't opened up the source code so others can submit their own code; it's not particularly "open source" in that regard.However, I was advised by some very trusted and experienced programmers not to do so at this stage. The reason being is because the project would likely fall into the 'design by committee' trap and no-one wants to see that happen, even if it does speed up development.

I'd prefer to - and have again been advised to - "own" the project myself until version 1 is released and that is what I intend to do. I'm frustrated more than anyone I've not been able to dedicate more time to this in the second half of 2008, but I do have a goal of getting it done for Christmas.

Your point about the overview of how the app works is a good one and definitely something I should work on. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try and get something up before long.
4290 days ago
Thanks. And in regard to the 'design by committee' thing and owning the project; I'd tend to agree. Linux/Linus being an interesting example of the advantages of leadership even in the open source realm.
4289 days ago
multi-language support.
4289 days ago
Multi-language support is very close, KM. It will be available in the next version which is due any day now, work commitments permitting.
4283 days ago
How about in the Overview section, putting the visits as mouse over total for each day? Also adding a export to .pdf, excel would be a nice feature.
4283 days ago
glcook: "putting the visits as mouse over total for each day" - do you mean in the graph (ala Google Analytics) or something else? The export idea is a good one, too. Thanks :)
4264 days ago
Hi & thanks for this piece of software!
In our setup (Debian Etch 4.0 stable, awstats installed by debian apt-get) the awstats data files in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ are differently named. You rely on filenames based on the pattern "awstats".date("Yn")".txt" in different locations. This should be configurable.
But anyhow, got it working by tweaking some date() formatters.
Cheers, Chris
4264 days ago

Really like this software! I use the AWStats city support plugin (maxmind database), and I would like to be able to see that from Jawstats, in addition to the country data.


4264 days ago
I've only recently installed jawstats, but the first feature that I would really like would be a projected monthly total on the various graphs. So, today being the 10th, I've probably seen about 1/3 of the traffic for the month. If jawstats could draw a nice dashed line showing where I'm on pace to be at the end of the month, that'd be awesome. Also, being able to switch which column's data are drawn in the graph (a link in the column header? I can't really think of a good place for it). Lastly, I share a server with two other users, and it'd be nice to be able to sum up the usage for each user's hosts, so we can more easily see who's responsible for our shrinking extra bandwidth.
4263 days ago
"Lastly, I share a server with two other users, and it'd be nice to be able to sum up the usage for each user's hosts, so we can more easily see who's responsible for our shrinking extra bandwidth."

I'm pretty sure this functionality already exists, assuming a couple of things. First you would have to have the access logs separated by user, that way AWStats can build different reports for each of you and then JAWStats can display those different reports. You would have to edit the config.php file and have three arrays in there (one for each of you).

As far as getting the access logs separated ... well that involves changing the httpd.conf file and I've never made said change to it so I have no idea to suggest how to go about accomplishing that other then google is your friend.
4263 days ago
I already have the access logs separated by host, and at the moment I have a hacky little program I wrote that can merge awstats data files, but I just thought it'd be nice to not have to run an extra program each time I regenerate the awstats files (after all, jawstats claims to be aimed at moving the processing to the client side).
4256 days ago
Hi. First of all, i really like JAWstats.
It's like AWstats sexy little sister. And who doesn't like the hawt sister? :D I don't often donate to things like this, but 2 days with JAW really impressed me.

"External page referers" is one of the features in AWstats I'm missing the most, I'm unsure if this will show up in later JAW, so I'm just letting you know.
4250 days ago
I'm not sure if it's possible with the flash graphs, but it would be nice when mousing over a graph bar/wedge/point if the corresponding table row would highlight (and vice-versa).
4241 days ago
isn't the "External page referers" under the different sub menu in Referrer for JAWStats? submenu:
Search Engines | Top 10 Referrers | Top 50 Referrers | All Referrers | Referring Domains

Then Top 10 Referrers gives you the top 10 External page referrers? or am I just looking at it all wrong?
4240 days ago
# kolbyjack
Well that might be. But i'm not seeing it.
4236 days ago
So the pagerefs section doesn't load at all for you?
it should look like this:
4235 days ago
ey, now it works. Had to add "?view=pagerefs.all". Guess since i don't have any spider ref it won't load first page.
4235 days ago
Well if you don't have any data it should display normally except 'There is no data to display' is all that the table contains.
4200 days ago
The killer feature for me would be month to month or year to year comparisons. Also being able to limit the 'all months' graph might be useful, I already have three years of log data and it's going to get unwieldy eventually :)

If I can make a suggestion: why don't you try setting up for the feature requests? The free account should work fine. It allows users to suggest features and assigns each user a set number of points to 'spend' on a feature - a good way to gauge what your community thinks is important :)
3788 days ago
I am running some stuff in the extras section to show traffic by directory and would really, really, really like to see this be displayed in JAWstats. It does not currently show this data.

Love JAWStats by the way.

3747 days ago
Please take a look at this thread:
"CMS Extensions out of JAWStats"

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