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4175 days ago
First, JAWstats is just brilliant. But i'm missing a page. In the normal AWstats there's a Hosts section which shows you the ip addresses from the visitors. Was there a special reason for it to not implement?
4175 days ago
Hmm, I don't remember seeing any IP addresses in any of the JAWStats I've used (be it the demo or any number of the JAWStats I've set up, 500+ domains).

The only thing I can guess is that if you do not use the GeoIP addon for AWStats then it will leave the country the user is from in the form of an IP address.

Actually I looked through the AWStats log file and it has a section called 'Visitors' for the IP address, but JAWStats does not have a view for this (looked at the ValidateView function). I suppose you could be referring to an older version of JAWStats but it would have to have been before the .6 release.
4175 days ago
Oh i'm sure it never went in JAWstats i was talking about AWstats. And JAWstats doesn't use the host section of AWstats. (visitors with their ip addresses and how many times they visit)
4174 days ago
The hosts section will go into JAWStats, it just needs some work to be done first.
4168 days ago
When the hosts section is added, is there any way that you can drill down per IP to show what pages they viewed?
4166 days ago
"The hosts section will go into JAWStats, it just needs some work to be done first."

Any idea when this falls onto the roadmap? I would very much like to use JAWStats, but the lack of the hosts section is the deal-breaker. :(

Great work so far, I loved the demo!
4140 days ago
This is in the next version top be released at the end of this month.

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