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4080 days ago
I'd like your opinions here, please.

Currently (v0.6), JAWStats uses Flash to display it's graphs and pie-charts. I'm thinking that using Google's ExCanvas to draw these images would be easier, faster and be easier to maintain. Flash is all very good, but it means JAWStats is not exactly "open source" when you need Adobe's IDE to change things.

I tried ExCanvas for the first time last week and managed to code together a pie chart within an hour so there is no technical reason I can think of for not going ahead with this. As far as I am aware it works natively in all decent browsers.

Personally I think I'd like to make the switch. What say you? What haven't I taken into consideration?
4078 days ago
Sounds great. The two open source javascript plotting/charting projects I was aware of are Flotr and Plotkit and I believe they both incorporate ExCanvas.
4078 days ago
I think I'll create some examples and put them on a page somewhere and we can see what browsers perform OK.
4078 days ago
Sure, I don't know what browsers you have access to but as it happens (although I'm on the tech side; not the development) we have a small setup for testing browser compatibility.
4077 days ago
4076 days ago
1) I made a test and verified the results across the board at The results were good; of the significant browsers which can handle jQuery, only IE8 (it had to be, didn't it?) failed to render the image. Google'ing tells me that it does work in IE8 in quirksmode, therefore I'm not panicking yet; graphs can be loaded in an iframe if IE8 hasn't learnt what to do by the time it is released.

2) I made an example and posted it on my personal web site: can we all see this? ExCanvas Pie Chart experiment.
4071 days ago
Looks very nice!
4058 days ago
I use the Google Chart API for another project, maybe it could be interesting for you too...

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