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4192 days ago
This was in the feature request thread, but it didn't seem to fit.

joncombe said: "I was advised by some very trusted and experienced programmers not to do so at this stage. The reason being is because the project would likely fall into the 'design by committee' trap and no-one wants to see that happen, even if it does speed up development."
"I'd prefer to - and have again been advised to - 'own' the project myself until version 1 is released and that is what I intend to do."

Wise advice, up to a point :)
I wonder if there isn't a half way house though. Open up the development *process* but keep yourself as the sole gatekeeper - only you have commit access, only you decide what features get added. Stick to your vision but let other people help you get there.

It would mean setting up (or signing up for) a proper bug tracking and patch handling system of course.

I suppose in part it depends on your personality, if you'd feel you had to give in to the noisy members of the community and do stuff you didn't want to then you're probably taking the best path. If you have the strength and single mindedness to ignore those distractions you may actually benefit from a more formal opening of the development.

Excellent work so far, very impressed with JAWStats :)
4192 days ago
Hi there, thanks for taking the time to write this post and your kind words about the project.

There are a few key goals I have promised myself I will achieve:
- multi-language (see:
- theme editing (with a wysiwyg tool)
- graphs to be done in (ex)canvas, not flash
- refactor the sloppier bits of code (there is some crap in there, see:
- make it easier for others to contribute

The combination of the above points *is* JAWStats version 1.0.

Will I stay on as gatekeeper? Probably but who knows? All I know now is that I've not run an open source project before and I no doubt will need help prying my hands from the ship's rudder. When I do however I'm sure I'll learn a whole load of new things and regret not doing it sooner. Again, I do have a vision of where I want this to be on "real" launch day and I am no longer that far away. Once I've achieved that, I'll be far happier to open it up properly (famous last words!).

4190 days ago
I would agree that just letting anyone add to the project at this point is probably not the best idea. However there might be some things that you might want to let people contribute... For example, My company is rolling jawstats out soon for all of the domains we host, I've had to modify it extensively to get it ready. Some of these modifications might be worth putting in sooner rather then later.

The best one I can think of is I have completely reworked all of the javascript (jawstats.js) and in doing so reduced the line count from 4000 to 2000. I also noticed an increase in the speed of the page loads (didn't really expect this result). Getting back to the topic at hand, this might be hard to directly integrate however. One thing that would make this hard is I don't think it is a good idea to let a table be 1,000's of rows long if that is how much data there is. So I wrote functionality to make the tables have pages instead (while letting the user specify how many pages).

I don't really know if there is a correct answer for this question.
4190 days ago
Actually reading that list again, my version of jawstats is at your described v1 excluding the theme editing.

I have multi language support (Japanese only, though it tries to use the awstats language as much as possible and then use English for everything that is not defined).

I redid the graphs using google charts, I started with excanvas but then I got lazy and went with something that I just have to give the data to.

And I refactored a lot of the code (more refactoring is probably still needed).
4179 days ago
Oh. I guess my reply got lost because my session expired while writing? I'm too slow :(
4179 days ago
Trying again:
All I'm suggesting is opening up a path for people to provide patches and for those to be reviewed by the community (don't want you to have to do all the work) as well as yourself. You keep your hand firmly on the rudder as benevolent dictator, you just have other people help power the ship along.

In my fantasy where I have to time to do a project like JAWStats I was imagining using Flot, which is based on canvas/excanvas:

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