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2799 days ago
I'm trying to get JAWStats running for the first time. I have AWStats working properly. I resolved the blank page issue others have reported by adding 'php_flag short_open_tag on' in my VirtualHost config. Now when I browse to the JAWStats directory, I get the following error:

An error has occured:
Cannot find required file "config.php"

JAWStats cannot find it's configuration file, config.php. Did you successfully copy and rename the config.dist.php file?

There is a config.php file located in the jawstats webroot, copied as per the instructions from config.dist.php. Permissions look ok on the directory and file. Not sure how to troubleshoot this and google didn't provide any useful info. Any help would be appreciated.
2799 days ago
I am running awstats 7.0 and jawstats 0.7 on apache 2.2.22

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