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2811 days ago
Hi guys,

This might be obvious to some of you, but I myself am not a web developer so I had a hard time trying to find the answer. This is mainly going to be for reference in case anyone else encounters the same problem.

The problem: 'This Month' view will not show tables/data for incomplete months, those without full data. There were some problems with other pages too. What I got instead was a white page with the load icon going around and around.

The Solution: In the end I found the cause of the issue was the PHP 'split' function (located on line 208 of the clsAWStats.php file) had become deprecated as of PHP 5.3 and been substituted for the 'explode' function. Both functions work in the same way.

So after changing:
$arrData[] = split(' ', $arrStat[$iIndex]);

$arrData[] = explode(' ', $arrStat[$iIndex]);

My problem was now fixed and was able to see all my data :)

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