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3213 days ago
Hi can someone help me with an installation problem, please.
I have awstats 7 running and logging great.
IIS 6 - awstats 7 - php 5.2.17 - active perl 5.14

I installed jawstats as described but I'm getting 403 errors while trying to access the page.

I see there's a password section but the iis user password is windows controlled and I don't know what it is.
So in the password section I tried leaving it at default, I also changed it to "no" and "blank" but still it's not working.

The iis user does have full access to all necessary directories.

If I put a web file (.html, .php) in the jawstats folder I'm able to access the page.

Thanks and I truly would appreciate all the help I can get with this.

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