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3211 days ago
Hi guys,

In order to cover my needs, some minor improvements have been added to JAwStats.

* 2011-09-21 - jawstats-0.7beta-20110921
- [New features]
- Sub-menu Authenticated users in tab Visitors

* 2011-09-19 - jawstats-0.7beta-20110919 based on jawstats-0.7beta (
- [New features]
- Browse AwStats config folder to automatically add sites to JAwStats (multisites)
- Tab Cities
- Sub-menu Cities (country, region, city) - Require geoip_city_maxmind
- Sub-menu Regions (country, region) - Require geoip_region_maxmind
- Tab Visitors
- Sub-menu Hosts / Ips
- Sub-menu Organizations - Require geoip_org_maxmind
- Sub-menu ASNs - Require geoip_asn_maxmind
- Sub-menu ISPs - Require geoip_isp_maxmind
- Tab Downloads
- Link on top "Original statistics from AwStats" to see stats in AwStats format
- Possibility to display an information message at the top of the stats
- [Improvements]
- Detection of Google Chrome and icon
- Icon for Microsoft Bing search engine
- Icons for filetypes displayed
- Links over paths in Downloads, Pages and Not Founds (using SiteDomain parameter of AwStats config file but possibility to override)
- UTF-8 support

Feel free to download them at

Best regards,

Alexandre 8)
3209 days ago
Thanks for the update! While I won't be able to make use of the GeoIP things, the rest are useful.

Though, in the config.dist.php, you might want to add a "statsname" item to help those who don't utilize the normal handling of AwStats Logs.
3204 days ago
Hi, thank you for the feedback.

What do you mean when you say "to help those who don't utilize the normal handling of AwStats Logs" ? Do you mean an option to hide the label "Original statistics from AwStats" ?

Best regards ;)

Alexandre 8)
3202 days ago
Hi Alexandere,
I've tried your version of JAWStats.
I was not able to use your config.php.
I've used one from original distribution and added "awstatsurl" to it. Your config.php will complain about statspath which was correct, and worked fine in original config.php and original JAWStats
I was able to test all the features, except of Region, Organizations and ISP, because I don't have data for those statistics.
3202 days ago
Hi Tristimulus,

Thanks for the feedback.

For the statspath, have you set the var $sDefaultStatsPath ? (for instance $sDefaultStatsPath = "/var/lib/awstats/";)

In order to fix that, do you know what is the error message related to statspath ?


Alexandre 8)
3201 days ago
Yes, I've set the variable $sDefaultStatsPath to the same path as in original config.php.
The message:
No AWStats Log Files Found

JAWStats cannot find any AWStats log files in the specified directory: /var/lib/awstats/
Is this the correct folder? Is your config name, awstats, correct?
The trick is the path is correct and is working in the config from original config.php

The working config.php
"updatepath" => "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/",
"siteurl" => "",
"sitename" => "MySiteName",
"theme" => "default",
"fadespeed" => 250,
"password" => "mypassword",
"includes" => "",
"language" => "en-gb",
"awstatsurl" => "",
but your config is not
"updatepath" => $sDefaultUpdatePath,
"siteurl" => $sDefaultSiteUrl,
"sitename" => $sitename,
"awstatsurl" => $sOriginalAwstatsSite.$key,
"theme" => $sDefaultTheme,
"fadespeed" => $nDefaultFadeSpeed,
"password" => $sDefaultPassword,
"includes" => $sDefaultIncludes,
"language" => $sDefaultLanguage,

// Overload specific variables
// WARNING: the index of $aConfig must match the awstats conf name.
// Ex: site1 for awstats.site1.conf, etc.
$aConfig[""] = array(
"siteurl" => "",
"password" => "mypassword",

// Msg info to display on top of page (ex: maintenance, advertisement, etc.)
$sMsgInfo = '';
if ( file_exists($sFileMsgInfo) ) {
$sMsgInfo = file_get_contents($sFileMsgInfo);
3201 days ago

>> JAWStats cannot find any AWStats log files in the
>> specified directory: /var/lib/awstats/

Thats true:

You should find the logs in "/var/log/..." or something is wrong in your system.

Did you include all the small bugfixes in your version of Jawstats discussed here on this board?

3200 days ago
Hi mbsouth,
Thank you for answering.
I'm using standard unbuntu server 11.04 with awstats installed by apt-get install command. And I was also surprised a bit to find that awstats keeps log in that folder. But on the second thought it is not a log, it is parsed state and after month is passed it will be permanent state, so based on wiki page you mentioned

/var/lib/ State information. Persistent data modified by programs as they run, e.g., databases, packaging system metadata, etc.
It looks reasonable what awstats keep parced log in that folder.

In my case the problem is:
I can run jawstats 0.7beta without problem using standard config, but I cannot use config.php which Alexandre version of jawstats is supplied with. I was only be able to do it by replacing Alexandre's version of config.php with config.php from jawstats 0.7 beta.
About fixes:
No, I did not apply any fixed to jawstats 0.7 beta from the board, because I can run jawstats 0.7 beta without problem.
3150 days ago
Thanks for creating this. I use the $extraX section in awstats and was wondering if you had made changes to support that in the modified beta version of jawstats ?

(BTW - had the same problem with config.php and had to use the jawstats config.php to get your beta to work)

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