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3219 days ago

We have a couple of Jawstats installions on Unix/Linux boxes running under PHP 5.2. I'm trying to set one up on a linux box using PHP 5.3.3

I get the following error:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function Lang() in /var/www/html/jawstats/index.php on line 115

When I go to that line, I find:

Since all the installation are using the same Jawstats version (the 0.7 Beta), this line is the same in all. I'm guessing this is a PHP version issue. Is this correct? If so, is there any other fix besides downgrading PHP?
3219 days ago
The line of code didn't take. Trying again.

Quotes added:

3219 days ago
Won't take the line. Sorry.
3105 days ago
I found a version that works with PHP 5.3.

3066 days ago
At the end of index.php in the version I downloaded today, the last section, which is the one that defines all of the functions, was started with a short tag (just
3066 days ago
Yea, I was afraid that wouldn't show correctly =(

The last section starts with just a less than and a question mark. Change it to less than, question mark, "php" (i.e. make the short tag a standard open PHP tag).

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