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4224 days ago

I love your software and I am trying to propose such an option for the clients of the company for which I work for.

I made a little Python script which is the following that allows me to add a site in config.php :

import os, sys

if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print 'Les arguments fournis au script ne sont pas corrects'
print ''
print 'Utilisation du script :'
print ''
print 'python nomdedomaine'

# On recupere les arguments passes au script
domaine = sys.argv[1]

# On ouvre le fichier de configuration de jawstats
conf = open('config.php','r')
confnew = open('config.php','w')

for line in conf:
if line != '?>':
print line
print "Ligne OK"
print "Ligne detectee"
confnew.write(' $aConfig[\"'+domaine+'\"] = array(\n')
confnew.write(' \"statspath\" => \"/data/awstats/www/'+domaine+'/\",\n')
confnew.write(' \"updatepath\" => \"/usr/lib/cgi-bin/\",\n')
confnew.write(' \"siteurl\" => \"http://www.'+domaine+'\",\n')
confnew.write(' \"theme\" => \"default\",\n')
confnew.write(' \"fadespeed\" => 250,\n')
confnew.write(' \"password\" => \"'+domaine+'\",\n')
confnew.write(' \"includes\" => \"\"\n')
confnew.write(' );\n')

The script seems to work fine. The only problem is that the output file has the character ^M at the end of each line. If I manually delete this character or use dos2unix to delete them, the config file doesn't work... JAwstats show the refresh symbol indefinently. If I edit manually the file with the exact same configuration, it works juste fine.

This is really bothering because this is the only think keeping me from sending this in preprod.

I thought of another alternative which would be to include all the files from a folder which would each contain the configuration for a site. That doesn't work either...

I am out of ideas.

Thank you very much for your help,

Antoine Benkemoun
4189 days ago
I made it a little other way...

// individual site configuration.
$aConfig[(str_replace("www.", "", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']))] = array(.
"statspath" => "/usr/local/www/awstats/stats/",.
"updatepath" => "/usr/local/www/awstats/cgi-bin/",.
"siteurl" => "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."/",.
"theme" => "default",.
"fadespeed" => 250,.
"password" => "test",.
"includes" => "".

The idea is that I place JAWStats in a directory, that is avaible on every domain (Directory Alias in Apache). With the above config everything works automaticly, so I don't have to add anything to the config when a new client comes :)

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