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4249 days ago
It seems for whatever reason AWStats decides to store other language search terms in a url encoded string. In order to prevent JAWStats then displaying a bunch of gibberish you need to call urldecode on line 129 in clsAwstats.php, so change this part of the line:
to this:
str_replace("&", "&", urldecode(trim($arrData[$iIndexItem][$iIndexAttr])))

Oh, the str_replace is because xml doesn't like bare &'s. Or if you would rather do it on the client side (reduce load for your server), edit js/jawstats.js in PopulateData_Keywords and Keyphrases. Then delete the .split("+")... stuff in each function and add in decodeURI(sWord) when its being pushed into the array. Also I highly suggest putting this in a try catch block, for me I found some cases the the php urldecode would convert into ??? characters but the decodeURI would cause a javascript error.

Eventually I'm going to have to look into how to fix this, I assume its from a search engine in some crazy language (or at least some crazy character encoding) that AWStats then has problems with. This becomes a hard problem to fix since I don't know the original language the text was entered in since it is just printed into the awstats log file.

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