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3903 days ago
Some lines I have added to my version

In CLSPage.php, in the DrawFooter() function

before the return, add:

$aString[]= "Memory Usage ". round(memory_get_usage()/1024,2)." KB RAM is being used. Current Allocated RAM Usage :".round(memory_get_peak_usage(true)/1024,2)." KB RAM - Max. Allocated RAM :".round(memory_get_peak_usage()/1024,2)." KB RAM"." Memory Limit :". ini_get('memory_limit');

It will show you stats on memory usage by the page
3903 days ago
usage in MB is maybe more readable... by changing 1024 to 1048576 and KB to MB

by using this, i found out that memory usage may vary according to the size of the logfile.
3900 days ago
thats nice
I've tried it, if you'd made a patch against the current tree
thats :

1. aligns this line to the left, in a seperate line.
2. makes a configuration option to include / exclude it
(a global one it think, not per site)

then I will commit it to the upstream

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