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4250 days ago
Hi Jon!

as i commented on the internal server error page, there is a memory consumption problem with sites that have a large hitcount.

First there is a problem in the clsAwstats.php that the whole awstats datafile is read into memory to being parsed for the data. Instead you can use the offsetmap of every datafile at the beginning to see where you have to seek if you need a part of the data.

With only this mod we have gained more than 50% memory back with the following parameters:

PHP memlimit: 256MB
18MB datafile
2,514,762 pages
2,861,358 hits

A Pages tab costs 224MB in run, the original code ran out of memory short after start, and the generation of the results is also quicker.

Also there is a memory problem, on the "pages" tab for example, you submit all the data with different sorting types over and over, instead the "top.." links should point to a solution what is done if you simply click on the header and sort for yourself.

We will clean down our changes to the neccessary, and then we can provide you a patch to see what we've done.

I will watch this thread, but you can mail me too, you can see my contact in my profile (if you can see it as admin :) )


4250 days ago
Ok i have talked to my colleagues, i was wrong with the sorted data.. sorry, but we are still on memory down, actually 191MB for the same "page" tab

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