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4296 days ago
Hi there, I've set up this forum at last. Thanks for your patience. My name is Jon and JAWStats is all my fault. :)

I'm English and live in historic Cambridge, I make web user interfaces for a living. Please join in here and help me make this project better.
4294 days ago
I'm Zach, I've briefly introduced myself to Jon already (pestered via email). I absolutely love Jon's application and UI design. I currently use it (internally) in production (along with awstats obviously) where we process roughly 20 million monthly impressions (and rising).

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hello.

I think this project needs more exposure. The popular, painfully disorganized open source web stats packages are now a thing of the past; if only people knew it! :-)
4294 days ago
Hi Zach, thanks for your kind words and your emails, I'm sorry that I've been unable to incorporate your suggestion yet but it will come. If you or your friends have a blog to promote my work, then please do so. :-)
4293 days ago
Sure things. :)

Currently have an open ticket at Dreamhost (who I use for personal projects) suggesting they either switch or offer it. I just did an install into my own account and will probably spend a little time updating their Wiki (which provides instructions on setting AWStats up to work with the hosted accounts) to add the directions for the JAWStats installation (which actually easier then doing the standard AWStats setup to boot!).
4286 days ago
Just FYI, wiki post is up at Dreamhost now:
4286 days ago
Hey, that's great! Thanks. :D
4117 days ago
Hi there, my name is Herbert. I am using jawstats since a week now and I really like it.
Great job Jon, keep up the good work !!

4112 days ago
hi hi I'm Todd, I'm in the process of moulding Timeplot in JAWStats as the data graph renderer. Little more info on the project can be found over on Google Code space...

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